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Local Brokers. Expert Advice.

Every organization starts somewhere. Ours began as a small independent insurance brokerage in Kamloops. From the first policy sold and the first employee hired, the company has consistently taken a different approach from its competitors. We arrange insurance coverage for our customers based on their needs, not ours. We quote policies with the best coverage available from the companies that want to write the kind of business we are quoting.

Juggling appropriate coverage, premiums and the needs of our clients is our speciality.

Putting successful programs like this together requires special people. The kinds of people who believe that if they put the best interests of their customers ahead of themselves, they will achieve the best returns for themselves. If anything describes this company best it is its fundamental belief that by doing the best job possible for its customers, it will meet its needs and those of its company partners as well as itself.

Kamloops Insurance has grown from a small company in 2009 to a large major player in Kamloops today. Our unique method of taking care of our customers and our brokers will ensure our continued success in the years to come. Contact us today.

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